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For more than two decades, Ot-magazine has been the go-to domain research service on the Internet, earning the trust of countless users worldwide. Our dedication to excellence ensures that We cover generic and country-code Top Level Domains, offering you unrivaled insights into the ever-expanding digital landscape.


Unparalleled Internet Intelligence


With a rich history of over 20 years, we've amassed a wealth of historical and point-in-time data, empowering you to explore the Internet's evolution and trends. Our platform excels at capturing and reporting domain activities in real-time, enabling you to stay ahead of potential risks and emerging threats.


Covering 97% of the Online World


At Ot-magazine, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to Internet intelligence. Our tireless efforts have allowed us to capture and analyze 97% of the entire Internet, providing you with a panoramic view of the digital realm.


Real-time Predictive Risk Scoring


Security is at the core of what we do. Through our real-time predictive risk scoring, you can proactively address vulnerabilities and safeguard your digital assets. With millions of new or updated domains added daily to our database, we ensure you're always equipped with the latest information.


Democratizing Internet Security


Our mission is to democratize internet security and make the online world safer for everyone. We take pride in providing world-class Internet Intelligence and developing state-of-the-art security products. With Ot-magazine, you become the hero of your digital journey, securing your online presence with utmost precision.


Meet the OTM Team


Behind every successful endeavor lies a passionate team with a shared vision. At Ot-magazine, our dedicated professionals are fueled by their commitment to create a safer online environment. With their expertise and relentless drive, we deliver best-in-class intelligence to empower your decisions and protect your digital footprint.


Empowered by Strong Leadership


DomainTools is guided by industry experts and visionary leaders who are determined to redefine Internet Intelligence and security. With their strategic vision, we aim to set new standards and make the online world safer for everyone.


Discover More with Ot-magazine


As we continue to evolve, please join us on this Internet safety trip. Explore our website to discover the powerful domain tools and security solutions we offer, designed to empower individuals and businesses alike. With DomainTools by your side, you gain enhanced digital security and intelligence.


Choose Ot-magazine today and embark on a path of securing what matters most to you in the digital realm.